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Marketing Is Hard

Taiwan’s booming economy & startup scene are creating lots of need for global marketing, and a large ecosystem has sprung up to serve it. But one key skill that has not kept up with demand is content marketing. Despite all the branding, marketing, platform, and media buying talent in Taiwan, the final quality of what overseas audiences see, read & watch in the English language often isn’t very good.

The reason why is simple. Marketing strategy, planning, and some elements of execution, can be done in any language, but global copywriting and content creation must be done at a native-English level. And Taiwan does not have enough professional content marketers, content strategists, content writers, copywriters, and creatives with the requisite English-language mastery and overseas experience.

And creating content overseas is risky if you’re in Taiwan. Quality is hard to find and guarantee. The work process is often slow. And writers don’t always understand you or Taiwanese business culture, and they may not give you what you want or ask for. Taiwan’s global brands need a better option.


Jewel Content Marketing
Jewel Is Here

Jewel is here to elevate Taiwan’s global content marketing, as an agency devoted solely to creating high- quality global content, content strategy, and content marketing, founded & managed right here on the island. Content is all we do and we’re very good at it. From strategy to creation to execution, we plan content, we make it, we optimize it, and we deliver it. And we deliver quality.

Jewel Content Marketing Services
Why We Focus On Quality
Content marketing works like a trail of breadcrumbs, with each piece leading prospective customers along the buyer’s journey. But your competitors are also laying out content breadcrumbs, as are Netflix, TikTok, and the NY Times. In a content-saturated world, breadcrumbs are no longer a competitive advantage, so your brand must inspire commitment by offering a better trail to follow -- a trail of jewels.
Defining Jewel Quality
Good copy, strong creative, and sharp editing make content attractive, but marketing savvy must be wedded to them create real business value, as the understanding of channels, audiences, segments, funnel stages, industry nuances, domain expertise, and decision making, and to use it to guide, inform, and enhance content creation, is what elevates a high-value jewel that inspires audience commitment above a valueless rock that has no lasting effect.
Jewel Content Marketing Services

How Jewel
Delivers Quality

Our founder has nearly 20 years of experience in content writing and content marketing for startups, SMBs, and the Fortune 500. He’s world-class, and among Taiwan’s best. And he’s tough as nails when it comes to quality. Everything that Jewel creates for our clients must meet his exacting standards, and yours.